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Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels.¹

For a long period in time psychology was deficit based and focused on pathology, weakness and negative conditions of the human psyche. It neglected to place emphasis on the other two tenets of psychology looking at helping people live more productive and fulfilling lives and identifying and nurturing high talent.²

Our aim at Cortex Consulting is to help leverage individual and organisational well-being through the evidence-based research and theoretical frameworks that underpin the science of positive psychology. We highlight individual and team strengths that contribute to increases in energy, performance and collaboration. We drive the elevation of positive emotion, engagement, goal orientation and achievement. All of which ultimately lead to a happier, healthier, engaged workforce driving business growth.


In the workplace positive organisational behaviour combined with psychological capital emphasises the building of psychological resources including efficacy, hope, optimism and resilience.³

At Cortex Consulting, we are able to assess current levels of well-being and engagement in a team or organisation and recommend practical solutions for advancing  through our workshops and assessments. We seek to assist in building positive, strengths-based teams and partner with our clients to achieve this. Our emphasis on developing and nurturing growth mindsets provides the foundation for success and lays the groundwork for positive change in constantly shifting market dynamics.

¹ Seligman, M &Csikszentmihalyi, M. Positive psychology: An introduction. American Psychologist, Vol 55 (1), Jan 2000, 5-14.

² Linley, A., Johnson, S., & Wood, S. Positive Psychology: Past, Present & (Possible) Future. The Journal of Positive Psychology, January 2006; 1(1): 3-16

³ Luthans, F., & Youssef, C. Emerging Positive OrganisationalBehaviour. Published in Journal of Management 33:3 (June 2007), pp.321-349

Positive Psychology Cortex Consulting
Benefits of Practicing & Applying

       Improved resilience Luthans et al 2007

       Improved interpersonal skills/relationships

       Higher EQ Salovey et al 2008

       Increased curiosity and creativity Kashdan, 2010

       Better problem solving ability Fredrickson 2003

       Improved self regulation and executive                        functioning Hofmann et al 2012
Increased intellectual, social, psychological,                and physical resources Fredrickson  2001

       Increased psychological capital Luthans et al 2004

Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology Workshops

        Wellbeing at Work

        Positive Organsational Behavior

        Positive Communication

        Positive Goal Orientation & Attainment

        Positive Relationships

        Leveraging Psychological Capital

        Lead Well

        Managing Empathic Distress

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