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Executive Coaching: Invest in Yourself!

Investing in your personal development is imperative to your growth and life satisfaction.  Determining where to invest is the next step, and executive coaching meets all of the criteria for empowering and enabling you to reach your full potential.  

Are you looking to:

  • Increase your leadership impact?

  • Further develop core leadership competencies? 

  • Elevate your well-being? 

  • Find more meaning at work and in life? 

  • Get shit done without feeling overwhelmed?

  • Create goals that will support you well into  in the future?

Do you find work-life balance a challenge? 

  • Do you have a hard time switching ‘off’ from your day? 

  • Would you like to decrease the amount of stress in your life?

  • Would you like more energy at the end of your day?

  • Would you like to adopt rituals that will positively impact your personal and professional life?

When selecting an executive coach to work with, it’s essential  that you find someone who has a the knowledge, experience and know-how.  Authenticity and your ability to connect with the coach are also key considerations.   Prior to even meeting with prospective coaches, you should definitely identify what you're looking to elevate, and ensure that you have the time to dedicate to the process. Often, we might not even know what it is that we want to change, we just feel misaligned (AKA out of whack) and could really use some guidance in figuring out what it is that we need, want and are seeking.  

Having spent 10+ years of her career in leadership roles, in addition to mentoring, coaching and developing commercial sales leaders, country managers & CEO's  for the past 7 years, Kirsten brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding .  Her warm nature and pragmatic approach enable Kirsten to develop an authentic connection with all of her clients.  Utilising a strengths based approach, Kirsten uses only empirically validated assessments and challenges her clients to step outside of their comfort zone to reach their full potential and thrive. 

If you're looking to increase your leadership impact, improve your confidence and/or make that shift from chaos to calm, Kirsten can offer you the foundation and support that you need to make these endeavours a reality.


"You can't choose your potential but you can choose to fulfill it" 

Theodore Roosevelet

Kirsten's VIA Signature Strengths

  1. Kindness & generosity

  2. Curiosity

  3. Gratitude

  4. Zest, enthusiasm & energy

  5. Bravery and valour

Kirsten's Gallup Strengths

  1. Maximiser

  2. Achiever

  3. Learner

  4. Input

  5. Belief

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