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Kirsten McKenna



Kirsten is passionate about well-being and human potential.  With learning as a core character strength, she possesses a natural curiosity and an insatiable appetite for the latest research in human behaviour and performance. 

An accomplished leadership consultant, dynamic facilitator,  well-being expert & author, Kirsten aims to help others build their potential and flourish.   An advocate for positive change and enablement, she encourages individuals to foster a growth mindset and apply their strengths to their self-leadership profile.  These tailored methods have led to personal improvements in mindset, goal orientation, productivity health and happiness. 


With an excess of 25 years international corporate experience along with extensive practice in psychology and personal development, Kirsten brings a unique outlook on sustainably achieving peak performance and engaging the state of flow.  Kirsten’s ability to harness individual strengths and EQ unquestionably cultivates a platform to thrive. 


A multiple award winner for people management, training & development and sales excellence, Kirsten's drive to excel is paralleled with her enthusiasm to support others in their pursuit of success.  Recruited, on-boarded and developed multiple sales individuals of the year,

rookies of the year, and sales excellence performers.  

Successfully developed and promoted multiple individual contributors. 

With a mindful eye for fundamental management and leadership competencies, Kirsten encourages her clients to reflect and adjust based on the insights and feedback realised. Her fresh approach to guiding individual, team and organisational development is backed by the latest findings in neuroscience and positive psychology.


Bachelor of Science First Class Honours Psychology

Graduate Dip Psychology Monash University 

Bachelor of Physical & Health Education

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing

Integrity Coaching Facilitator

PERMAH Welling Survey Certification & Facilitation
i4 Neuroleader Practitioner
Strengths Profiler Accreditation

Mental Toughness Psychometric Testing & Practitioner
Positive Neuroplasticity
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Mindfulness for Performance
Purna Yoga Teacher

‘Kirsten ran a Winefulness seminar for our clients and business partners. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and many of the attendees are looking to engage Kirsten to run similar seminars in their own businesses. I was genuinely impressed with the quality, professionalism and relevance of Kirsten’s presentation and would strongly recommend others to work with Kirsten.’

Andrew Lawrence

People Leadership, Commercial Banking, ANZ Bank

Kirsten has an enthusiasm and determination that is infectious. She truly gets the job done well, and you feel better for knowing her.

Professor Christopher Young

Head of Department RPA Hospital, Surgeon, Author

We engaged Cortex consulting to  lead a session for our ANZ team devoted to ‘striving for excellence, inner grit and the positive mindset’ during our National Conference this year. Kirsten did an outstanding job of firstly getting to understand the current culture and then in leading a most memorable and impactful session. The follow up communication and reminder articles for the team has also been exemplary, reinforcing the content and in alignment with our ongoing global culture building initiative here at Smiths Medical.

Jonathan Primmer

Vice President ASPAC, Smiths Medical

We have engaged Kirsten as a performance consultant to work with our sales team to improve sales capability and organisational well-being.  During these past four months,  Kirsten has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team and to myself as a leader and has been an exceptional resource when it comes to people matters and performance. 

Graham Smart

Managing Director, KLS Martin

I have worked with Kirsten on several projects that she has led. Her approach to any challenge is methodical and analytical. She enthusiastically engages with new projects, exploring them from every aspect in order to determine the resources required to secure the highest probability of success. The experience that Kirsten has garnered in her various roles to date has uniquely prepared her to strike out independently in this role, confident in her ability to secure the highest quality outcomes in her new projects. I have no doubt that Kirsten's clientele will encounter only the most satisfactory outcomes in dealing with her.

Associate Professor Peter Cosman

Surgeon St. George Hospital, Liverpool & Bankstown Hospitals

Kirsten is an exceptional coach, facilitator and motivator. She has a wealth of knowledge and an innate ability to be able to tailor her style and message to suit her audience and maximise her impact. Whether she is facilitating large groups or one on one coaching sessions she manages to create an open and honest connection with her audience, allowing for a deeper understanding and producing positive and lasting results. 

Fiona Taylor

Director of Sales Operations, Johnson & Johnson

Commencing its second year of operations in the ANZ market Schulke has combined the history of Microshield with a new portfolio of Schulke Hygiene products. In order to continue the enthusiasm and drive to succeed, Schulke engaged Cortex Consulting during our 2017 National Conference to work across the team to deliver strategies on mindfulness, ​resilience through challenge and inner grit. Kirsten didn’t disappoint and through thorough preparation and flexibility delivered a session that engaged the team and continues to be lived during our day to day activities and problem resolution. Our culture continues to evolve and it has been fortunate to have Kirsten as part of that evolution. 

Peter Gracie

General Manager, Schulke Australia

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Meet Kirsten

"Our prime purpose in life is to help others, and if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." Dalai Lama

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