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Mindfulness is an activity that  can be practiced anywhere, is cost effective and translates into happier, focused, more balanced and productive individuals.  Neurological research  has demonstrated that a regular mindfulness meditation practice actually increases the amount of grey matter in the prefrontal cortex of the brain[1], the area responsible for emotion regulation, executive functioning (planning, time management, focus, decision making) and overall EQ.   Most importantly, our interpersonal connections increase and intensify, emphasising the notion from positive psychology guru Christopher Peterson 'other people matter'.  


There is a misconception that mindfulness is purely meditation however, this is merely just one method of practice.  Mindfulness is about placing your attention on one thing at a time.  It involves removing distractions from whatever it is that you are doing and genuinely focusing on the one activity at hand.  It provides the opportunity for you to be truly present and immersed in the moment.  The benefits of which are ample, providing individuals with the ability to savour, appreciate and focus on what matters. 

In our current state of technological inundation, we are finding it more and more difficult to focus.  Our attention at work in particular is challenged every 3-7 minutes and it can take another 23+ minutes to refocus. [2]   In the financial services industry, interruptions can take up to 232 minutes in a day, another 84 minutes to refocus and 54 minutes of stress as a result, equating to 6.2 hours of lost time. [3]  Some may argue that all of this time is not lost time although according to other research, it is loss of time on task which leads to a reduction in productivity.  The cost of workplace stress is also a significant loss, particularly when Medibank Private last estimated its cost in Australia at $14.8 billion, with recent reports (March 2016) indicating that anxiety rates have doubled since then (2008).  


According to Edward G Brown –an efficiency and workflow consultant – there are mental hygiene activities we can participate in to limit distraction and increase focus, one of which is mindfulness.   

Introducing mindfulness into the workplace is a win-win, and consequently translates into mindfulness in life.  If you are looking to raise engagement, increase productivity and equip your team with the resources to flourish, mindfulness is the answer and one of our core strengths at Cortex Consulting.

[1] Lazrus, Sarah et al. 2005 Meditation experience is associated with increased cortical thickness. Neuroreport. 16(17): 1893–1897.

[2] Marks, Gloria & Gludith, D, Clocke, U. 2008. The Cost of Interrupted Work: More Speed and Stress. Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

[3] Brown, E.  The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had. Cohen Brown Picture Co. Publishing, 2014.

"The ability to transcend context is the essence of mindfulness and central to creativity in any field."  Ellen J. Langer

Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

      Improved self awareness and self regulation (Lykins 2009)

      Improved productivity and creativity (Siegel 2007)

      Increased density of gray matter in brain regions linked       to learning, memory, emotional regulation and                     empathy (Siegel 2007)

      Enhanced Engagement (Gardner 2007)

      A lasting decrease in psychological symptoms such as         stress, anxiety, depression and irritability (Grossman 2004)

      Enhanced memory, increased motivation, improved             concentration and decision making (Langer 1997)

      Helps identify & actualize human strengths (Shapiro,                          Schwartz, Santerre 2009)

      Job satisfaction & vision (Kriger& Hanson 1999)

      Interpersonal sensitivity (Shefy& Sadler-Smith 2006)

      A lasting decrease in psychological symptoms such as

      stress, anxiety, depression and irritability (Hoffman, Sawyer,              Witt & Oh 2010)

      Conflict Resolution (Riskin 2004)

Mindfulness Workshops

1/2 day    Introduction to Mindfulness

Full day     Mindfulness to Thrive

Full day     Mindful Leadership

8 weeks     Mindfulness for Peak Performance

 (1hr x 8)        & Stress Reduction

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