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SALES FORCE EFFECTIVENESS  Cortex Consulting can deliver an analysis of the drivers/sales elements most relevant to an organisations strategy and desired outcomes, and provide appropriate recommendations and solutions.  Our experience in driving business growth through this detailed analysis has led to high impact improvements across sales leadership, coaching, employee engagement & performance.  Our ability to pinpoint areas for growth and development within sales teams fosters an environment for ongoing, continuous improvements.  

COACHING  A qualified Integrity Coaching facilitator, Kirsten has spent the last 7 years in a large corporates & SME's coaching sales leaders and mentoring future leaders.  Prior to that Kirsten had been coaching individual contributors for 8 years.  Utilising the foundations of mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology constructs provides clients with the ability to literally harness their mind and shape their brain.  

INTERESTING PROJECTS With extensive experience in sales, sales leadership, training & development, mindfulness and performance coaching ~Kirsten applies a unique lens to each project that she is involved in.  

Unlock Talent

Identify desired management competencies and potential gaps

Strategy coherence and integration across teams

Coaching for performance excellence

Positive communication for goal orientation, attainment and integration

Communication ~the human connection~ is the key to personal & professional success. Paul J. Meyer

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